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Michael Gary Dean, also known as Wiklow, is an electronic media artist who straddles both the avant-garde edges of digital art and the more traditional veins of classical music. His work has been highly collaborative, working with an impressive roster of digital artists and creatives to realize audio-visual and immersive interactive artworks all over the world.

For Dean, it’s about taking risks and challenging audiences with diverse emotional landscapes through a mixture of media formats. His work spans many canvases, from augmented reality to game engines. In performances, Dean challenges the idea that the performer should be the focal point, often removing the stage entirely in order to place the audience on an equal level with the artist to create a shared experience.

Whether it’s presenting films in notorious European planetariums, touring audio-visual projection works or exhibiting installations in cutting-edge immersive environments, Dean's repeated invitations to festivals such as Sónar and MUTEK and venues like London’s Somerset House or the Asia Culture Centre in South Korea have made Dean a specialist in contemporary music and entertainment.

After several episodes living and working between Europe and Canada, Dean is currently based in Montréal.

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Moving between code and visual programming like Max, TouchDesigner or Unreal Engine’s new MetaSound environment, Dean's skillset enables an intense creative interconnectivity. Whether it’s delivering AR works for web, binaural and spatialized sound formats or composing non-linear music for generative artworks, Dean fluidly traverses between different interactive media formats.

In 2021, Dean launched Mighty M4L, a Max for Live initiative aimed at streamlined tools for generative music makers. The need for plug-and-play generative music tools has clearly become evident, and Dean’s work is constantly contributing to this developing ecosystem.

Mighty M4L - Plugins for generative music makers.

Mighty M4L - Rhythm Maker plugin gif
[MM4L] Rhythm Maker
Mighty M4L - Melody Maker plugin gif
[MM4L] Melody Maker
Mighty M4L - Clock + Note Divider plugin gif
[MM4L] Clock + Note Divider

Recent work


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